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  • Ana Kalmenson

    Ana Kalmenson

    Author and Contributor

    Email: ana@allmarketingstrategy.com

    Ana with a master’s degree in Mass Communication and journalism keeps a good hand on investigating interesting subjects such as health, lifestyle, technology, business, and science and explore them deeply. Her rich experience as a content writer in this online marketing has solidified him the ability to research deep into contemporary, historical and unexplored nuances of these sectors.

  • Michael Richter

    Michael Richter


    Email: michael@allmarketingstrategy.com

    Michael Richter has been contributing to our News channel not just with her exquisite skills but also with her precious knowledge in the field of science, technology, and business. His interest and passion lie in discovering and exploring the effect of the ever-changing nature of technology in several industries and also on the international economy. He is a post-graduate in media and her passion for writing reveals through her articles on consumer lifestyle.

  • Gary Kindle

    Gary Kindle


    Being one of the chief news writers and editors at the global monitoring, he possesses specialization in technology and science domains. His passion for newest developments in cloud technology, nanotech, virtual reality, connected device, and science shines through her most recent coverage of the industry he provides. His take on outcomes of digital technologies across the business, science and technology industry gives her writing a modern and fresh outlook.

    Email: gary@allmarketingstrategy.com