Facebook Might Remove Messenger as Standlone App and Integrate it in Facebook App

Facebook Might Remove Messenger as Standlone App and Integrate it in Facebook App

Facebook is enforcing smartphone users to install a standalone Messenger app to chat with friends and others. Many of the people opposed the standalone app, but there was no option. Now, Facebook is planning to integrate the Messages or “Chats” section back in the main app for smartphones. According to the report from one of the testers, it is almost finalized to bring back the Messages section in the original Facebook app, thus eliminating the need of installing a standalone app for chatting with others.

The Messenger icon will stay on the same top-right position in the Facebook app, but tapping it will open the dedicated “Chats” section instead of a standalone app. Facebook had the same feature back in 2011, but with the release of the Messenger app, the company removed the chat section from the app. From 2014, Facebook made it compulsory to install the Messenger App to chat with friends. This report is not a surprise as the company is planning to bring the necessary infrastructure or base of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram together. So, introducing the Messenger inside the main Facebook app is not a shocking revelation.

As Facebook is planning to remove the dependency on Standalone Messenger app, it does not mean that they are getting rid of the same. The Messenger app will stay alive providing the same functionality to the users. Currently, Facebook is busy working on the base infrastructure unification project for Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. The project is expected to finish by Late 2019 or Early 2020. Once it’s complete, we can see the official rollout of the integrated Chats option in Main facebook app. The feature is still in the Beta or testing phase, and it won’t have any interactive options like Calls, Images, and emojis. It’d take a couple of months to complete and debut for public testing.

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