Uber Is Planning To Sell More Than $10 Billion Worth of Stocks In IPO

Uber Is Planning To Sell More Than $10 Billion Worth of Stocks In IPO

When it comes to startups, the only thing which matters for them is to sustain in the market and to do that many good startups opt for public listing. Now recent reports show that the ride-sharing company Uber is planning to go public next Thursday and its IPO it will issue shares worthy of more than $10 billion. From last many days, there have been many speculations going on regarding IPO of Uber. But, now since the company has confirmed this news, we can firmly say that this ride-sharing company is ready to let people invest in it for a better future.

A few days ago Uber’s competitor Lyft also listed its shares on the US stock market and till now the company has received a good response. If Uber succeeds to achieve this target, then this IPO will be one of the biggest IPO in the history of US stock exchange because earlier only Chinese tech giant company Alibaba delivered that target. Uber is expecting to get a valuation of $90-100 billion which many experts think is a reasonable valuation for unicorn startup like Uber. Many successful tech startups like facebook, google, twitter went public and become a significant entity after utilising proceeds from IPO.

Uber is also going on the same track since it has been planning to do this IPO from last many months. However, some expert thinks the valuation which Uber is expecting is low because a few months ago some private investors valued the company at $120 billion and now Lyft has made some adverse effect on Uber’s valuation. Most of the shares will be sold out to the general public; on the other hand, investors of it will be ready to make some money by selling their stake to same public. It will be interesting to see how investors are going to react to this IPO of unicorn startup.

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