Report Shows Ohio Recorded First Pediatric Flu Death In The State

Report Shows Ohio Recorded First Pediatric Flu Death In The State

Currently, the situation in the United States is not good when it comes to the health of ordinary citizens because the majority of states are suffering because of flu season which is getting increased every day. Now recent reports are coming from Ohio state which shows that health officials of there have recorded a first pediatric flu death of this season. In a statement, the Iowa Department of Health said that this flu death is a reminder to us that flu season hasn’t been over yet and people need to take care of themselves. Nationwide all states are suffering from extreme to lower flu activities, and hospitals around the country are admitting many numbers of patients with influenza-related illnesses.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention more than 7.3 million people have affected because of ongoing flu season which shows that this year’s flu season is worse than anyone’s expectations. Flu-related hospitalizations have been increased in the country from the last few weeks because more than 60 percent of hospitalization happened in previous four weeks only. Now health officials from Ohio state are urging people to follow all precautions to avoid any flu-related illnesses. Sometimes people need to follow the required precautions to stay healthy during this flu season, and it seems like many people are not following prescribed health advice.

If we look at country wise statistical data, then more than 83500 people have been hospitalized so far because of influenza. Health experts have already said that this situation might get even worse since flu season is not going to stop that much quicker. Small children and old aged people are getting most affected because of flu or related diseases. Now after Ohio state health officials are trying their best to make sure all people get proper vaccination to prevent.

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