ISS Supplies Mission by SpaceX to Depart on April 26th

ISS Supplies Mission by SpaceX to Depart on April 26th

SpaceX is NASA’s priority for sending the supplies to the International Space Station as the company has Crew Dragon capsule to carry the supplies. Today, NASA announced the exact date and time for the next mission of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Rocket launch with Crew Dragon capsule for the ISS Supplies mission. The mission will fly from the Space Complex 40, Cape Canaveral Air Force Base on 5:55 a.m., Friday, April 26, 2019. The mission will take off with all of the necessary supplies for the crew staying on the International Space Station. As the team is performing the repair work of the Space Station, the mission will have the necessary instruments required for the maintenance.

The Resupply mission is 17th from SpaceX and NASA with the Dragon Capsule. Once launched and reached the International Space Station, Astronauts David Saint-Jacques and Nick Hague will perform a capture procedure of the capsule. The robotic arm of the Space Station will be used to capture the approaching Space capsule and will be docked to the station to move the cargo supplies. The mission is vital for NASA and SpaceX as the astronauts are performing the regular maintenance of the ISS and the required instruments are included in the cargo.

Recently, the astronauts performed multiple spacewalks and replaced the age-old batteries with new and powerful Lithium-ion batteries. But a few of the batteries were faulty; the new stock will be sent to the station. Once unloaded completely, the Crew Dragon capsule will detach and return to Earth for a splashdown. This is not the only mission of SpaceX this month. Today, the company will launch Falcon Heavy’s Test flight, which is the first test flight of the rocket after NASA suggested some improvements in the rocket design. Recently, SpaceX performed the test flight of the first crew-usable version of the Dragon Space Capsule, and that test gave a lot of confidence to SpaceX.

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